Natural Baby & Kids

Babies and young children can have more delicate, sensitive skin and digestive systems in comparison to adults, so it’s important to treat them with special care. From natural body care to child friendly supplements and snacks, we have a wide range of products suited to our littlest customers.

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Natural Baby and Kids

Our Good Ingredients Promise allows you to be confident in your choices for your little ones. We pride ourselves on offering products that adhere to our strict, research-based criteria and contain no nasty chemicals, no environmental pollutants and use no animal testing. We value being a trusted company, and one you can rely on to provide quality products that are known to be free from harmful ingredients. We believe in the importance of looking after not only our precious children, but our precious environment too.

When choosing natural body care for children, products that are free from any synthetic ingredients, either fragrance free or fragranced with gentle, plant-based fragrances are the most suitable for young, sensitive skin.

We have a range of supplements that are designed to be easily administered and palatable to young children. Liquids, powders, gummies and chewable tablets are often the most preferred options. Flavoured with natural fruit and coloured with fruit and vegetable concentrates, they are full of nutrients to boost little bodies and they taste great too.

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