Packed full of vitamins and minerals, superfoods are those with an unusually high nutritional density when compared to other foods. From chlorophyll to cacao, maca to manuka, beetroot to various exotic berries, these foods are reputed to assist with vitality, immune health and function, energy and more.

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We all know the key to eating well is to incorporate plenty of real, whole foods in our diets – vegetables, fruit, eggs, meat and so on. But how many of us include those foods that are extraordinarily high in the good stuff?

Superfoods are ones that have unusually high nutritional density, rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other goodies that help us live long, happy, healthy lives. While many of us think of ‘superfoods’ as rare fruits sourced from the Amazon rainforest and other exotic places, many of the foods we eat every day are also classed as superfoods – for example turmeric, beetroot and honey. Try adding them to your daily diet or supplementation regime, or add interest and flavour to your smoothies with nutrient-rich powders.

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