Baby Bath

Baby’s skin is delicate, so it’s great to have natural, plant derived formulas that are designed especially for their needs.  You can choose gentle, low allergenic and tear-free formulas for a clean, happy baby.  Feel confident using baby bath products that are free from nasty chemicals, environmental pollutants and cruelty free.

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Natural baby bath products contain cleansing botanicals to remove impurities without damaging or breaking down the oils in the protective layer in their skin.  Low allergenic, plant derived ingredients like almond oil, coconut oil and avocado oil serve as base ingredients.  They provide gentle cleansing action whilst helping to retain the delicate moisture balance of baby’s skin.  Fragrance free baby body wash and baby skin care products are an excellent choice for sensitive or eczema prone skin

Soothing botanical extracts of calendula, aloe vera and vitamin E help provide calming care for babies’ skin, this is especially useful for soothing nappy rash.

Mild and relaxing essential oils, including lavender, orange and chamomile are included to help with settling into a calm and relaxed sleep.  Our range of Essential Oils for Sleep can be popped into a diffuser or vaporiser at baby’s sleep time.

Our baby bath products have no hidden nasties, making them better choice for baby and the planet.

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